Very difficult to get anyone on phone, long holds, loud and distorted music, empty promises, fraud. When you do finally get through, every other word is an apology.

All talk, no action. They do not back up their products, way over priced, slow delivery service. Poor setup. When you go into your account, it shows order is processing, never changes.

Even orders I placed, and paid for four years ago still shows processing. They had no answer for why my order placed last week still shows processing in one place, yet in another shows processing error, yet fax receipt shows received, and their website shows they received my electronic signature. Any monkey can be taught to say I'm sorry, I do apologize. All talk, no action.

Don't use them. If you can't pay cash or use a credit card, them save up or put it on lay a way at Walmart.

But run clear from purchasing power. Big rip off artists!

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