Purchasing Power - *** experience and worse product from a formerly good company

I have spent thousands over almost 10 years at Purchasing Power. I ordered a tv on or around July 9 along with a few other items.

I received everything but the tv within a week. However PP showed that the item would be delivered by a certain date. That date came and went. Looking at the tracking, I saw that it had made it to my state several days prior.

I called PP to ask about the delivery and spoke to a woman who was difficult to understand. I asked for a manager who was very rude and told me to follow up with the delivery company. At this point I had already made 2 automatic payments on this tv and I told him that to show good customer service to a long time customer who was paying on a product not received, he should call the delivery company that PP used instead of USPS, FedEx, or UPS. He asked me to email him snapshots of the tracking and delivery info that showed when I would get the delivery.

As I was on an out of town business trip with no one home to receive the delivery at that time, I asked to cancel the order and have the still missing tv returned by the delivery company. The manager refused and when I argued he told me it would cost me $85 to have the tv shipped back - which had never been delivered to me!!! I threatened to go to BBB and state attorney general so he said he would follow up on the delivery and to give him 2 weeks. Well 3 weeks later as I was preparing for another business trip, I got a call at work from some guy saying that he was trying to deliver the tv but no one was home!

WTH? I hadn't received any calls or emails advising that the tv was being delivered. My son happened to visit me from NY that day and arrived just before this guy drove away so he signed for the tv. There was no outward damage to the box or tv but there is internal damage.

The screen requires constant adjustment of the color and anything red appears as hot pink - blood, the American flag, fire trucks - everything is hot pink! Every now and again the sound goes bad in which I have to turn the tv off so it can reset. I've had this *** for 3 months! Why not return it?

The policy is that I would have to pay for the return and there would be no getting my money back, it would be 'repaired' under the warranty and sent back to me!

Screw Purchasing Power! They used to be a good company but whatever 3rd world management and staff they sold it to can keep their *** products!

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

I didn't like: Very poor customer service, Horrible product and screwed up delivery.

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Purchasing Power - Worst company I've ever dealt with

Not resolved
Additional Fees
Advertised vs Delivered
Delivery Service
Discounts and Special Offers
Diversity of Products or Services
Price Affordability
Privacy and Data Security
Product or Service Quality
Turnaround Time

They continued to take money for 3 weeks and now they keep my money hostage because they last payment hasn't posted somehow... for over a month now.

I paid off my account on August 30th. They tell me they're doing a research on the issue and then never contact me again. They've done this 3 times now.

They've hung up on me several times. Also, the automated customer service is set up so you almost never get to talk to a real person.

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Purchasing Power - Customer service, and my purchase

Not resolved

I ordered a phone and they said it would be shipped in 4-6 days, then days later I was told it may be up to 28 days. No explanation for this.

Not to mention that they " updated" their website and, now i cannot login to cancel my order. Completely ridiculous.

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Purchasing Power - Refund

purchased item in Dec 2017 didn't get item till Feb 2018 upon receiving item from NON Stop Freight TV damage called for return and refund a day later... they show up a month later in March 21 or 23rd to Pick up TV got a confirmation from Purchasing Power then 48hr later they call back to say they don't have the TV how in the world did that happened??

My daughter was at the house when they picked up tv all she said was she signed for the pick up they took the tv and that was it.

Now, i been calling about refund back and forth purchasing power is stating after 6months to get proof of pickup like how am I suppose to do that when it clearly states on my account return to transit is that not proof enough I cant even make stop payments due to it was through employee deductible customer service is a joke as well you talk explain etc.. talk to a supervisor still nothing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tv.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Purchasing Power - Messed up my account

Not resolved

They gave me an increase so I brought something still had money left over and started paying on the loan. A day or two later they took my increase ($1000) back and caused my account to be negative 9 hundred something even took my discount that was applied. I need a lawyer

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Purchasing Power - Double Dipping

Not resolved

I have used them for years. My company was brought out.

So, was told that they where unable to make payroll deductions anymore. So, I made arrangements for them to take payments out of my bank account. My paycheck at the beginning of the month had a volunter withdraw. I had no idea what this was about.

I checked into an addition to pull money out of my bank account they pulled unauthozied money out of my pay check. Causing me all kinds of issues. Had the nerve today to call me about a remaining $63.

balance. Still no one will till me how they got into my payroll check.

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Purchasing Power - Purchase power

Not resolved

Here’s all conversation I had with purchasing power an there response they suck purchased a note 8 from purchasing Power Thur my job they deduct fund from my check every week I did approve this. I have bought a phone that is defective an doesn’t work . SquareTrade the warranty that is thru purchasing Power is paying 900 hundred for phone I paid 1300 an something like that so I will still have balance on phone an purchasing power will still be deducting that balance even thro they know phone doesn’t work .The phone that they purchased out of the United States that don’t work!So don’t ever purchase from them you will end with nothing an still have you pay check deducted .an now I receive refurbish phone that is getting hot as am sending this phone back an even tho they said they were giving 900 now they said only 720 that’s some crazy I will but all this in my face book an every other social media an let everyone at Kohls know what has happened to me an not to purchase from y’all Thur Kohls because if something don’t work will still owe purchasing power remaining balance so up set

Purchasing power

Hi Tina! Thank you for reaching out to us. Would you mind providing me with the email address associated with the account. Hi Tina! Unfortunately, the item falls outside of our 30 days return policy. We wouldn't be able to return the cellphone back. You would have to go through the warranty company to assist.

If you do get the reimbursement from the warranty company you do have the option to pay your balance if you would like. If not we will continue to deduct from your payroll.I do apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused you, but unfortnantely it falls outside of the return policy. You still have a 1 year manufacturers warranty and you also have Squaretrade warranty. You don't have to accept the reimbursement that Squaretrade is offering you. You can request to have the phone replaced.

You can request to see if they have a new phone that they can send you.I can reach out to them to get more information regarding your request.Hi Tina! I definitely don't want you to feel as if you were robbed. When it comes to any reimbursement through warranty that is solely handle through warranty. If there is a balance left on the account we will still have to deducted to satisfy the balance. However, you don't have to take the reimbursement. I have reached out to the warranty company to see if they can send out a brand new phone for you, its not a guarantee because we don't know what their inventory regarding cellphones are, but I have asked for you.

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Purchasing Power - Great experience

Not resolved

I have purchased a few things from them and I can honestly say I only had one problem.. I ordered a deep freezer and it was damaged I called right away and they not only replaced the deep freezer but they also gave me a discount I think it’s a good option when I’m really need to make a purchase but maybe can’t afford to or would rather not spend a lot of money upfront I will use them again if I need to

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Purchasing Power - Very poor customer service

Not resolved

I have been a customer with Purchasing Power for the past 9 years and have spent more than 40,000 during that time frame. This year is extremely bad.

I had nothing but problems with my orders for the past 2.5 months now. I am calling every day and every day I speak to a different person. Most of the people who answer the phone barely speak English and are very hard to understand. I get put on hold numerous times during one phone call or if they don't like what I am saying they hang up on me.

This unacceptable. I do like the quality of the merchandise but the customer service department is beyond pathetic.

Also I had ordered 2 different TV's this year and both TV's were damaged before they got to the shipping address. This is very frustrating.

If you want to continue to have customers you need to fix these problems asap.

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Purchasing Power - Missing items

Not resolved

I ordered expensive items and they will not allow me to have UPS to hold for me to pick up since there is no one home during the day. They want your purchase to just be dropped off and left in an open building where anyone can take. I dont understand why they want you to pay for items that they can care less on where and how they deliver it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Home Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Hi! If you set up a UPS My Choice account, you can request to have packages held at a UPS location for pick up without any hassle and request specific delivery times as well. I use this option and it has always worked for me.


If you make an account with UPS and sign up for e-mails. They will send you a tracking number.

You can then go on your UPS account and change the delivery to be delivered to a UPS facility or store and be held for you. Purchasing power can't do that for you.

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