Purchasing Power Practices Unfair Policies Against Federal Employees

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I purchased a laptop. I opened the box, it was a 2 year old model that would not operate correctly.

They refuse to take it back yet are withdrawing money every payday from my account. I feel powerless. I have submitted complaint after complaint and it has gotten nowhere. I have contacted their corporate office.

Tomorrow I am closing my bank account and opening a new one. Beware, these people will rip you off with no remorse.

There seems to be no end in sight.

I have a laptop that was older than advertised and doesn't work sitting in a box ready to ship back. I have no idea how to fight this machine but to call their corporate office over and over and over.

Product or Service Mentioned: Purchasing Power Account.

Monetary Loss: $900.



I have used Purchasing Power at least a dozen times over the past 6 years and have never, ever had one issue. I'm sorry to hear other people have had negative experiences.

Their total cost with financing is a little high, and there are other options for Federal employees that are cheaper, but I've bought everything from iPads to Washing machines, TVs, laptops, desktops, and more.


If you purchased something that is not working and/or defective and they will not return your money but it is being electronically transferred every so often contact the Attorney General, maybe it will fall under wire fraud.


I made a purchase for some 3D glasses from purchashing power 6 pairs well they sent me glasses I did not order and said the ones I ordered were discontinued. The glasses they sent were not compatable with my tv and they refused to take them back or stop charging me for them.


After several attempts to return the two year old broken laptop, I used the secretary of state to locate a corporate office in Georgia. I was finally able to speak to someone who helped me return the laptop.

I will never utilize this program again. I am glad you had a good experience, mine left a bad taste in my mouth.

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would you happen to have the contact at the corporate office? I am going through a horrible experience as a consumer that has been ripped of my them.

They shipped me a very damaged bed with missing parts three months ago. They want me to repackage and ship back in order to get my new bed.

to Jo Placerville, California, United States #879999

Google the corporate office in Georgia, then slam all their corporate mucketymucks with email. That's what I did.within 48 hours had the head of customer service refund me, offer me a gift for my trouble, and I sent the laptop back. I will never, ever use them again.


I had a great experience. Had no credit check and bought a new iPad.

Love this program and would highly recommend. Thank you Federal govnt for offering

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