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I was sent an email request to rate the service on a recent purchase and my last contact with a customer service agent. Below is the response I sent to Purchasing Power.

Letter of Complaint to Purchasing Power...

I chose a POOR rating only because VERY POOR was not an option. Although Amanda was pleasant, I am reluctant to say anything positive about this call or the overall service I have experienced through this entire Purchasing Power process. I placed an order for a 55” Samsung TV on Jan 28th, 2018. The order stayed in Order Review until Feb 23rd. After three previous calls to find out why the order had not been processed and being told to wait 48hrs for the order to update, the order will update in 24hrs & on the 3rd call on Feb 14th, being told to wait another 48hrs, my frustration turned to anger when the order status had changed from Order Review to Processing Error by the 23rd.

On my 4th call, I explained to Amanda what I have been going through and when her response was for me to wait another 48hrs, I refused and requested a Supervisor. My phone call began at 4pm EST. I waited ON HOLD FOR OVER AN HOUR for a Supervisor. When Amanda came back on the line at 5:05pm, she asked me to hold one last time as a Supervisor reviewed my order & she would transfer the call. Amanda came back to the line & stated the Supervisor said the order had just been updated to Processed and was no longer available to speak to me. Needless to say, I was furious. I asked her to explain how with no change in the last 27 days, the order had suddenly changed to Processed within the last hour? When she had no valid response, I again asked for a Supervisor. She stated the Supervisor was no longer available & had taken another call, which turned my fury into rage.

At this point I DEMANDED A SUPERVISOR OR A MANAGER. She stated NO MANAGER WAS AVAILABLE & “THE” Supervisor was on another call. Shouting, I said I did not care, that I had waited over an hour & whomever she was with could wait that same hour as my call was not completed.

Moments later, Nadia took the call saying she was “A” Supervisor. I requested an explanation on the sudden change in order status, I requested a tracking number, a shipping date, the name & contact number of the company that would be delivering the tv & the estimated delivery date. Her responses were: another dept handles processing, no tracking or shipping date had been assigned & that they used several companies for shipping via freight so she had no contact information for them.

In utter disbelief in her canned, cold call responses and seeing I would get no valid answers, I requested her name and representative ID. She refused her last name & said they “were not assigned or given rep id’s”. I asked if she was the only Nadia in the company & she said she was sure she wasn't as you had “thousands of employees”. Getting nowhere, I asked her call center location & she said “THE CARIBBEAN”, which I found to be ridiculous if not an absolute lie considering my initial call was to Amanda in Atlanta, GA.

I told her this was the worse customer service experience I had ever had, that I had recorded the call since 4pm EST & it was now 5:30pm, I would share this entire experience with my employer as well as on my social media and would be sending a letter/email of complaint. I THANKED HER FOR NOTHING & disconnected the call.

This experience since Jan 28th, has been horrific. This is THE POOREST CUSTOMER SERVICE ANYONE COULD EXPERIENCE and hope to NEVER USE THIS SERVICE IN THE FUTURE!!!

I almost dread the receipt of the TV as I anticipate delays, damage or malfunction of the item due to poor shipping & handling, which I will then have to endure the nightmare of having to process a return.

Please share this with your HIGHEST LEVEL OF CUSTOMER SERVICE, to ensure no one else has to ever go through what I have been put through.

Review about: Purchasing Power Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $1220.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

I liked: Convenience idea, Product selection, Various items and convience.

I didn't like: Are not being honest, No one shows any urgency to resolve, Taking to long to resolve issue, Very poor customer service, Horrible and scandalous.

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The Follow Up to my horrible experience with Purchasing Power only added insult to injury & was icing on the cake.In response to my complaint above, I received an email on Feb 26th stating MY ORDER WAS CANCELLED PER ITEM NO LONGER IN STOCK. Mind you my order was place on Jan 28th which they never fulfilled.This is my response to that email:February 27th, 2018...Is this a joke? So now the tv I ordered on Jan 28th is no longer in stock & the order has been cancelled BECAUSE OF YOUR DELAY & LACK OF URGENCY TO REVIEW & PROCESS MY REQUEST IN A TIMELY MANNER??!!I tried to call twice today to speak with a manager or supervisor, but both reps were in the Caribbean & said they could not transfer me to a stateside location.If you have taken the time to read my previous review of this entire horrific experience, you should know that it has now gone from bad to worse.I expect a phone call from a stateside manager or supervisor on HOW PURCHASING POWER PLANS TO RECTIFY THIS SITUATION with alternate replacement options for a 55” tv with the same features and the 10% discount that I qualified for on Jan 28th, a significant discount on a different model, free expedited shipping or something.I wish someone there would remember that I AM THE CUSTOMER!!!!!

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